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Our platform

Quebecois.Shanghai built a 2.0 platform in order to offer a gathering point for meetings, exchanges and collaboration.

This simple and modern technological tool will offer publications and articles from the very individuals part of the community.

The users may share their experiences, discoveries and key informations in the following different sections:

  • Events and activities
  • Business
  • Work
  • Classified ad
  • Gastronomy and tourism
  • Useful links
  • Others

On the entrepreneurial side, the Quebecois.Shanghai platform is a valuable promotional tool in order to touch base with potential clients with similar backgrounds. Moreover, through this network, you will also realize that many other Quebec companies are solidly positioned in Shanghai with whom your company may eventually collaborate.

Whatever the reason or the length of your stay, it is not always easy to adapt to a new country. Numerous regulations, customs and other languages creates a cultural barrier that is difficult to break, while products and services we take for granted may not be easily available. Developing contacts and your network with other Quebecers in Shanghai will facilitate your adaptation.

Collaborate with us and support your community!

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